Xiaomi CEO Has Some Bad News For 'Mi MIX' Series Fans

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Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, shared some bad news for Mi MIX series fans. The company’s CEO revealed that the company has no plans to release a Mi MIX smartphone this year.

In addition to that, Lei Jun also said that the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha won’t be mass-produced. Those are two quite disappointing news for the company’s high-end and concept devices, all in one.

Xiaomi CEO offers some bad news for the ‘Mi MIX’ series fans

Xiaomi CEO shared such bad Mi MIX news while answering fan questions. He answered the top three most asked questions, and two of them were the ones we’ve mentioned.


When asked about a new Mi MIX smartphone, he said that the Mi MIX series brings “cutting-edge innovations” and that the company is working hard to create a new model. He did confirm that it will take a while before a new model arrives, though, hinting that one is not coming in 2020.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha won’t be mass-produced, which is a bit disappointing. The Mi MIX Alpha was the company’s concept phone that was announced last year. It managed to get a lot of attention, actually.

There’s a good reason for that. This phone comes with a display that wraps all around the device, including its sides and back. So it has a 360-degree display, in a way.

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The phone does look quite mesmerizing, but you’ll never be able to buy it. Mr. Jun noted that this device was a research project, pretty much, and that the company reached its goal.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha was said to enter mass production at some point. Despite its extremely high price tag, some users were looking forward to getting one.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha mass production risks were too high, it seems

Mr. Jun explained that the challenges of mass production are too high for the Mi MIX Alpha. Therefore, the company has decided not to proceed with that step of its development. They have decided to focus on the next-gen Mi MIX phone instead.


The third question that Mr. Jun answered has to do with the company’s Surge chips. He said that the company encountered some major difficulties when it comes to developing such chips. He also said that Xiaomi did not give up on Surge chips, though.

Xiaomi’s CEO said that we can expect more such answers soon, on August 11. That is the company’s 10th anniversary, by the way, so you can expect more than just answers to some fan questions.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus is actually expected to arrive on August 10. That device is said to include a periscope camera system, and maybe even an under-display camera, we’ll see.