Wiz Debuts In Europe With The Launch Of New Smart Lights

Wiz smart lights

Wiz Connected is a smart lighting company known for its affordable smart lighting products. Apart from announcing new smart lights, Wiz is also debuting its presence in Europe, including the UK.

Last year, Wiz was acquired by Signify, the company behind the Philips Hue brand. Unlike the Philips Hue, the Wiz products are available at a much lower price and are simpler to setup. More importantly, Wiz doesn't collect personal data like names, mobile numbers, and e-mails.

Wiz smart lights now available in Europe

The newest addition to the Wiz's smart lighting portfolio is LED filament bulbs. These bulbs look similar to the vintage Edison light bulbs but come with all the smart features that make them so special. With the new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual-protocol chip, these are described as being easier to set up and more reliable.


The LED filament bulbs come in Amber & Clear versions with E27 and B22 base options. Besides, they also directly connect to Wi-Fi and there is no need for a hub for accessing the smart controls. The company also introduced the 100W-equivalent A67 light bulb in color and tunable white versions.

There is also a smart plug for adding smart functionality to existing lights or devices. The Wiz portfolio now includes a wide range of smart lights and accessories. All these new products can be controlled through your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Wiz also sells an Infrared remote called the WiZmote with four programmable buttons. It comes in handy when there is no smartphone to control the smart lights. Moreover, the Wiz products are compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It's just more convenient to ask a smart speaker to turn on or off the lights on a regular basis.

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The new smart lights will go on sale in the US starting September

In the US, the company will sell its newly launched products through Home Depot's online and physical stores starting September. Compared to other popular brands, Wiz smart products are also considerably cheaper in price.

At CES 2020, the company also announced a few new products, including the new-gen WiZmote and a motion sensor. The motion sensor can turn off the connected lights when no motion is detected. It can even automatically turn on the lights when the room gets dark.

The updated Wiz app also received the new "Energy Optimization" features like power consumption monitoring. Additionally, it allows users to schedule and customize scenes with more automated features.