WhatsApp Working To Sync Chat History Across Different Devices


WhatsApp is developing the ability to use the same account across different devices as reported by Wabetainfo. Users have requested this feature regularly over the past few years. However, it is not an easy innovation hence why the company is developing it stage by stage.

WhatsApp has developed a number of new features in recent weeks so this extra innovation is quite impressive. Most recently it emerged the messaging app was working on a "Mute Always" feature and an expiring message function. Back in July the company also delivered a dark mode as well as animated stickers and more.

Currently, users are unable to use WhatsApp across different devices. However, WhatsApp is working on this and it will hopefully be released in an update in the near future.


WhatsApp users to be able to work across multiple devices

This new feature is currently in development. The app is currently testing the feature to allow users to work with 4 devices at the same time.

Reports suggest that WhatsApp has begun work to create an interface on the Android app. The company is also doing the same for iOS.

Ability to sync chat history included

Another problem that users could face is the lack of chat history when switching devices. However, this is something that WhatsApp will include in the update.


When adding a new device, users will be able to sync the chat history across them. However, this will require a WiFi connection given this often includes sizable amounts of data.


The screenshots above give an indication of what this will look like. The web version of the app was used for this but it will work on other mobile devices as well. It is also worth noting that an internet connection is not needed when using the desktop version of the app anymore.


Users to get notifications when adding or removing a device

When you added or remove a device from your family of devices on WhatsApp you will receive notification. This is because the encryption key has changed. The screenshots below show an example of this happening.

This notification will only occur if you have security notifications enable under settings.

It was a long time ago but WhatsApp has released and iPad version of the app. At the time it was not that useful but now you will be able to sync across multiple devices things have changed.


As things stand this features' compatibility with Android has not been confirmed. However, WhatsApp is working to develop a database that is compatible with the Android format. Expect this to be confirmed in the future.

This is a really promising innovation from WhatsApp. It has taken them a while to get to this stage but now they look to be almost there it is exciting.