Weather Alerts Added To Google News Temperature Card


With a new update, Google News has added a new weather alerts feature to the temperature card. Notably, the temperature card will now show weather 'Alerts' in red text.

As per 9to5Google, this feature will help the users to know situations and alerts during extreme weather conditions. Moreover, it will give preparatory information before they head out on the streets.

The weather alerts, as mentioned, will appear in the red text along with an exclamation icon. Below the weather card, which shows information about the weather for the upcoming 7 days, is located the extreme weather event alert.


The card contains detailed information about weather alerts, including source, and time

Besides, this new feature will show the main alert right at the top of the card in bigger texts. Below that it will contain all the information regarding the source of the information, date and time this alert was issued, etc.

A brief description of the alert will be explained in the weather card. However, if you tap on it, it will redirect you to a dedicated Public Alerts page.

This page contains all the details about the weather alert. For instance, how many days the extreme condition will be active, places where it is active, a detailed map, along with full advisory information, etc.


It also contains an option to open all the said details on a Google Chrome webpage. Notably, all this information will not show up on the Android weather widget.

Weather Alerts came to iOS a week back, now it is available Google News for Android

As surprising it may sound, this new Google News Weather Alerts arrived on the iOS first. And it took a week's time by Google to add this feature to its own Android OS.

Fortunately, now this feature is now available on Android. If you wish to see this weather alert feature in action, then you can head over to the Google Play Store to update the Google News app.


Note that the weather alerts will only be shown in cases of extreme weather conditions. So, if your area is reported to have excessive heat, then only alerts will show "Excessive Heat Warning" on the card.

Moreover, you will be fed with live updates about the weather from reliable sources. It is a nice touch to report extreme weather alerts right into the Google News app. Let us know in the comments what are your thoughts on this latest addition.