Google Will Give You Voting Instructions Easily And Instantly


Google will give you voting instructions and information related to any questions on the upcoming US Presidential elections. You simply need to type in your query in the search box to get all relevant information.

Besides, Google will automatically detect your location, provide you with voting dates as per your state, steps to register yourself to vote online, etc.

Searching questions related to elections on Google Chrome will give you specific results. For instance, if you search "How to vote" then, it will not show results based on that particular phase.


Instead, Google will show you results such as how to vote in your particular state, along with documents required to register, deadline for voting. etc. Apparently, it will also give information on the difference between in-person and mail by vote.

Step by step instructions to the voting-related query will be available on Google

As per the official blog, if a user wants to know about the steps to register for voting in his/her state, the user can simply type "How to register to vote."

Google will provide you step by step voting instructions for both in-person and vote by mail procedures. It will also inform you whether the vote-by-mail facility is available in your state or not.


Moreover, users can also check their voter registration status via Google. Basically, Google wants to provide information about the upcoming elections to all the users and remove the barriers to voting.

On top of this, Google will also show you the actions it has taken against 'influence campaigns' across its platforms. Google is also working closely with government agencies to curb the spread of misinformation campaigns.

Users will find relevant links to their state government's website if they want some extra information. All data provided by Google will be from authorized election administrators.


These features will keep people updated with the latest coverages of 2020 US elections

With this year's Democratic and Republican National Convention going virtual, YouTube has also taken steps to suffices its users with all relevant information.

Moreover, YouTube will take down all the videos that spread misinformation about the upcoming elections. This will eventually lessen the potential abuse of this streaming platform.

Google News will also keep you up to date with the exclusive coverage from the live streams, remind you about registration, and much more.  Google also aims to provide a fair and nonpartisan way of accessing voting information without resorting to any political ideology.