Verizon Wants To Let You Access 5G Service At No Additional Cost

Verizon AH NS 06

Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband service was going to come with an associated cost on top of your regular monthly bill. But that’s no longer the case it seems.

That additional cost, let’s call it the Verizon 5G fee, was going to be $10. It was a tacked on charge that could be considered a feature. And Verizon’s aim was to charge this amount to its customers who wanted to access the 5G network.

You would of course need a 5G phone to access the network. And if you bought one when signing up for Verizon’s Get More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, or Play More Unlimited plans, you’d get 5G access for free for a limited time.


Backlash from industry competitors like T-Mobile and some of its customers appears to have convinced Verizon to change its tune.

Verizon 5G won’t cost you an extra $10, according to new plan pricing literature

Old literature of Verizon’s plan pricing used to say that the three above-mentioned plans had 5G access for free for a limited time, and that it was a $10 value.

This $10 value referred to the $10 charge you would pay on top of your bill if you wanted 5G access for that 5G Phone you just bought. New plan literature though tells a different story. That bit about “limited time access” and “$10 value” isn’t there.


Which seems to suggest that subscribers aren’t going to be paying for 5G Ultra Wideband access. At least not right now. Verizon has reportedly confirmed that there is no charge for 5G at this time. But at this time doesn’t exactly mean never.

Verizon could always change its mind back and choose to charge for it at some point in the future.

Verizon’s reversal of plans to charge for 5G is great for gamers

Though the plan was always to charge the extra $10, the reversal to do so is a great decision for gamers.


5G is going to be an anchor point in the future of mobile gaming, and other parts of gaming as a whole. Verizon believes in it so much that it recently announced a partnership with Twitch Rivals.

That partnership will see Verizon as the exclusive 5G carrier for Twitch Rivals, and the two will work together on a various number of projects throughout the partnership.

This will include media and broadcasting initiatives, activations at events, and other future unnamed projects. Now any Verizon subscribers interested in Twitch Rivals tournament streams won’t have to pay up extra money to access this upcoming content.