Twitter Just Gave All Users A Lot More Control Over Their Tweets


All Twitter users now have a lot more control over their tweets thanks to a new feature that Twitter added today. Or rather, expanded on.

The feature is a new conversation setting that basically allows you to dictate who can respond to your tweets. This is something that Twitter has offered prior to today but not all users have had access.

The aim, is so that users can block unwanted replies to their tweet. Meaning if you tweet something with the intention of it being only between you and others you want in the conversation, this will enable that.


The control feature in tweets works in Twitter apps and on the web

First things first, these controls are available on the web version of Twitter as well as in the Android and iOS apps.

Simply start tweeting something and before you hit the send button, select who can interact with the tweet. On both web and mobile platforms, the control will be listed towards the bottom of the tweet box.

Initially it's set to include everyone and will have a tiny globe icon next to it. This is the default, and if you're not trying to control who can reply, then you can leave this alone.


If however you want only people you follow to have the ability to reply, you can change the setting to this option. There is also a third option which only allows people you mention to reply in the comments.

This should go a long way to help prevent trolls from invading conversations just to flame other users.

People who can't reply can still interact with the tweet

Twitter confirms that although some people won't be able to actually reply to a tweet, they can still interact with it.


They'll still be able to view your tweets as well as retweet your tweets, and add likes. Unless of course you limit who can view your tweets in your privacy settings. If you don't limit anyone from viewing what you post, then you can still have some control over things with this new setting.

People can also retweet your tweet with comments. So in a roundabout way they can still technically join the conversation. Just not in your original tweet.

This control should be live for everyone on whatever platform they use. If you primarily use Twitter through the app, no update to the app should be required before you can limit who replies to your posts.