Twitch Prime Gets A New Name But Keeps The Same Perks

Twitch Prime logo AH

Earlier this morning Amazon officially announced that it would be giving a new name to Twitch Prime.

The service, which is a gaming-focused division of Amazon’s Prime subscription, gives out perks to gamers based on some of the most popular titles across PC, console, and mobile.

While Twitch Prime will have a new name going forward from today, the perks will still be the same. Basically Amazon isn’t taking away any of the special bonuses you get. It just wants to call Twitch Prime something different so it comes off more streamlined.


The new name of Twitch Prime is ‘Prime Gaming’

As of today Twitch Prime is now Prime Gaming. The move is one which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

After all, the collective of Amazon’s other Prime-related services all have Prime in front of the name. Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Now. It only makes sense that it would eventually make the change to Prime Gaming.

There’s also a chance that Amazon is making this change in preparation for the launch of rumored cloud gaming service. If and when that happens, it would be more streamlined under the moniker of Prime Gaming.


Especially since it would be Amazon’s own service. Prime Gaming is another step for Amazon in bringing all of its gaming offerings under one singular umbrella. Which would probably include the rumored cloud gaming service as well as Amazon Games. Its in-house game studio responsible for the free-to-play shooter Crucible and the upcoming New World MMO.

You won’t lose any of the benefits

Twitch Prime might be changing but the perks aren’t. If you already subscribe to what is now Prime Gaming, you’ll still have access to everything that was there yesterday.

Including new in-game loot for games like DOOM Eternal, as well as a huge collection of free games from SNK as parts of its 40th anniversary.


If you’re not already subscribed to Prime Gaming, not to worry. All of those bonuses will still be there should you decide you want to check out the service. Save for any that might have already expired. The loot from Destiny 2 is a good example of this as you can’t really claim the past content. only the content for the current loot package.

There will also be no price change with this new title. As Prime Gaming will be just one of the perks you get for subscribing to Amazon Prime every month.