This Zany Co-op Tom And Jerry Game May Launch On Android In The US

Tom And Jerry Chase

Tom and Jerry, the famed cartoon that surrounds the constant battle between a cat and mouse, has an Android game.

As is depicted in the image, it's called Tom and Jerry: Chase. Just recently Tom and Jerry: Chase expanded outside of its Android launch region of China to other territories, and although the US isn't one of those, it could be.

The game comes from NetEase (the same company partnering with Blizzard for Diablo Immortal) in partnership with Warner Bros., who owns the Tom and Jerry IP. And as of today it looks like players in certain countries in Southeast Asia now have access according to Android Police. No countries are mentioned specifically, though.


Tom and Jerry: Chase may come to Android in the US in the future

Neither NetEase nor Warner Bros. have mentioned anything about a launch in the West.

In fact the thing to make note of isn't the lack of a US launch announcement. It's the willingness from both companies to bring the game to other regions outside of China. Where it's already done extremely well in the two years since it's been out.

This decision to launch the game in Southeast Asia shows that there was interest in expanding its availability due to how popular it is. And, if it does well in Southeast Asia, then expansion to other territories even further West could continue.


Based on the trailer alone, the game looks like it's just the right amount of chaotic. Which really evokes the relationship between the two main characters.

The franchise was a staple in the US, so a US launch does make sense

Tom and Jerry was a staple in the US for kids growing up for more than a few decades.

The cartoon characters made their first debut in 1940 in a series of comedy short films. Continued popularity led the two characters into numerous TV series over the years. The two became so iconic that a cat and mouse duo heavily inspired by Tom and Jerry made its way into The Simpsons as Itchy and Scratchy.


The point is that the US was a massive market for this franchise. So it would make sense for the game to release in the US at some point in the future. Whether or not that happens probably depends on if interest is shown for a US release.

Tom and Jerry: Chase is a casual game where four players take on the role of mice attempting to steal cheese, while one players takes on the role of Tom and tries to stop them. Check out the trailer below.