TikTok Shocked By Trump's Executive Order, Lawsuit Possible

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As per the official post by TikTok, the executive order by Trump administration has not gotten down well with the social media giant. As a matter a fact, TikTok is threatening legal action against the order.

On Thursday, President Trump issued an executive order. This order bans TikTok and WeChat from continuing the operations in the US if they are not sold by their Chinese-parent companies.

However, the order does not state the exact amount of money from the sale, that needs to go to the US Treasury Department. Microsoft is at the forefront of buying TikTok. Notably, a report suggests that Microsoft is interested in a global takeover of TikTok.


But due to the recent executive order, the acquisition needs to speed up. Because there is just 45 day’s time for TikTok to detach themselves from China-owned parents.

TikTok criticized the executive order stating it was issued without any due process

In the official blog post, TikTok has cited the US government executive order as a shock. Furthermore, TikTok also claimed that the order relies on unnamed reports and was issued without any due process.

Meanwhile, the company also shared its frustration on facing repeated negligence by the administration. It says that Trump’s government did not take its plea of working with appropriate officials to devise a solution for this issue, seriously.


TikTok reiterated that it does not share any user data with the Chinese government. Furthermore, the post states that TikTok’s Transparency Center is a way of proving their case, which no other peer company has done, as of yet.

Besides, the post also points out TikTok’s willingness to selling its US business to an American company. This, we expect, is basically directed towards the current acquisition talks with Microsoft.

TikTok eyeing legal action against Trump administration

With nowhere to go, TikTok is eyeing legal action against Trump’s executive order. Matter of fact, TikTok stressed on the fact that it will pursue all actions necessary to prove their case. Besides, this will be done to ensure that the law is not bent, and the company is treated fairly.


Trump’s executive order states that this app could allow China to spy on US government employees. And the personal data can be used to blackmail or run misinformation campaigns by Beijing.

TikTok and Microsoft have time till September 15 to strike a deal. If they fail to do so, TikTok will get banned in the US. Although TikTok, time and time again, has denied the administration’s allegation of sharing data with the Chinese government, things does not look good for the social media app.