This Smartwatch Can Monitor Stress Without Listening To Your Voice

Zepp E Smartwatch

This is a smartwatch that can monitor your stress levels. It’s called the Zepp E, and it’s got your personal health and wellness at heart.

Like many of the different smartwatches out there, the Zepp E is packed with wellness features that are aimed at helping you lead a healthier lifestyle. Health of course is relative as it’s different for everyone. The main point is that the Zepp E can help you reach those health and wellness goals. Whatever they are for you.

One of the more interesting features of this smartwatch though, as mentioned, is that it can monitor your stress levels. And it can do so without listening to your voice using always-on microphones.


The Zepp E smartwatch doesn’t need to always listen to you to monitor stress

Smartwatches have a great many tricks up their sleeves. And there are a ton of options out there now. So when you make your entry into the smartwatch or fitness tracker market, you have to set yourself apart anyway you can.

One way you could do that is stress monitoring. Like with the Zepp E. If that feature sounds familiar, it’s because Amazon announced the Halo fitness tracker this morning. And one of the main features is stress monitoring. With the Halo it claims to tell how stressed you are by listening to your voice with always-on microphones.

If you’re not exactly thrilled about having yet another piece of technology around you that can listen to everything you say, then maybe consider the Zepp E. Though we can’t speak to how well the stress monitoring on the Zepp E works (yet), Zepp says it accomplishes this task by using the heart rate sensor that’s embedded in the watch.


That being said, the stress monitoring feature will come to the watch via an OTA update. And right now Zepp hasn’t said when that will be rolled out.

Multiple colors and tons of other features on offer

Zepp E Family

Aside from the stress monitoring feature, the Zepp E has a ton of other stuff going for it. For one it comes in two different shapes. You can pick it up with either a round or square watch case.


It also comes in four different colors. Which are Onyx Black, Polar Night Black, Ice Blue, and Moon Gray. Both the Polar Night Black and Ice Blue come with a stainless steel case, Meanwhile the Onyx Black option comes with a black case to match the strap, and the Moon Gray comes with a gold case.

The Zepp E also has a lot of other useful features. Such as a 5ATM rating for water resistance, a 3D glass display with a slim design, and 11 different sport modes for tracking your exercises and activities like running, cycling, climbing, pool swimming, walking and more.

Lastly, Zepp also boasts it’ll have a 7-day battery life. It can even be extended beyond that to up to 15 days. To do that though you need to keep the Zepp E in basic watch mode. You can already pre-order the Zepp E from the official Zepp website and the watch will ship out to buyers on September 1. It will be sold in the US for $250, and in the UK for £209.