The World Of The Witcher Is Turning Into An Augmented Reality Game

The Witcher Monster Slayer

The world of The Witcher is being turned into an augmented reality game with The Witcher – Monster Slayer, a new game coming from CD Projekt Red (the same company behind Cyberpunk 2077) to mobile devices in the future.

For as long as The Witcher has been a video game, it's been an open-world RPG with third-person action combat. That's obviously not the case with Monster Slayer.

With The Witcher entering the augmented reality space, just imagine it as a mashup of games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pokémon GO. But in the world of The Witcher instead. Which means loads of high fantasy and hordes of terrifying monsters.


The Witcher augmented reality game has no release date

Currently there's no release date for the game although CD Projekt Red does state that it's coming soon.

There's already a landing page for The Witcher Monster Slayer and it does have a variety of little details about what to expect from the experience. There are a few screenshots of the gameplay UI, as well as a trailer which you can watch above.

The trailer is more of a teaser though and doesn't show off any gameplay itself. As it's really all live-action. Still, if what's been missing from the AR game genre for you was something more akin to what a Witcher-based model would offer, then you may want to keep an eye on this one.


Because the theme may be just enough to keep you interested if you've tried the others and eventually got bored.

You play as a Witcher and can gather trophies from your kills

Naturally your role in this game is becoming a Witcher. And slaying monsters, as the title suggests, is going to be the meat and potatoes of the gameplay at its core.

You can find monsters all over the map in your local towns just like other AR games. You can also interact with NPC characters and imbibe potions that would aid you in your hunts.


Combat is essentially in first-person, and you can see your sword as you attack enemies. The game also features story-driven quests so there should be plenty of dialogue to keep up the engagement.

This likely to be a free game. Which will definitely mean micro transactions. But that doesn't mean they'll be mandatory after you hit a certain point in the game or that they'll be heavy-handed. If you're interested in checking the game out, you can signup for alerts about its release.