Tesla Smartwatch May Be In The Works

tesla smartwatch xplora

Well, the latest FCC (Federal Communications Commission) filing reveals that Elon Musk might be working on a new Tesla smartwatch in partnership with Xplora Technologies.

Though Tesla is known for the best commercial electric vehicles, the company seems to be venturing into IoT products soon.

Reportedly, Tesla will be working with Xplora Technologies to produce the new smartwatches. Xplora Technologies is a Norwegian brand that sells smartwatches for kids.


As per My Healthy Apple, Xplora Technologies recently filed an application with FCC for X5 Play/ X5 Play eSIM. The latter accepts a nano-SIM card to allow features like tracking, sending voice and text messages, and much more.

The Xplora smartwatch comes with a camera, WiFi, remote switch-off capabilities, and a School Mode (Silent or SOS) as well. What is more surprising is that in the application, Xplora has included the name of Tesla as well.

FCC filing for equipment authorization approvals includes Tesla

According to My Healthy Apple, taking a close look at the FCC filing application, dating back to April 2, 2020, reveals a section which had text "Same effect as acts of the Tesla Motors Inc."

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Besides, the application further mentions Tesla's name in communications between FCC and Xplora Technologies SA. This more or less hints that Tesla has a deep desire to diversify into IoT products apart from their multi-billion dollar electric car business.

However, it is still not clear what is the reason behind this involvement of Tesla with Xplora Technologies to develop smartwatches. Reports suggest that Tesla has acquired Xplora Technologies or is in the process of signing the dotted lines.

Xplora Technologies has a wide range of kids smartwatches. Meanwhile, taking a look at Tesla's online store, there is a dedicated kid's accessories section as well. So, this experiment in the world of a smartwatch could very well be associated with it.


As of now, both companies have not issued a statement in this matter. It might be early days for this development. Besides, nothing can be said with confidence until and unless either of the companies speaks out in this matter.

Tesla might develop a smartwatch to link it with its electric vehicle offering

Another theory suggests that Musk's Tesla may be interested in providing Tesla's keyless entry benefits to kids using the smartwatch. Notably, Apple Watch has some controls over Tesla vehicles.

So, this could be an extension to exploit a great opportunity to bundle kids smartwatch along with a Tesla car to explore new opportunities in this category. But we will have to wait for a word from Tesla or Xplora before anything can be confirmed.