Telegram Beta 7.0 Brings Video Calling Support

telegram secure group video

Telegram is finally adding the long-awaited video calling support to the app. Notably, this feature is limited to the Telegram beta 7.0 which has been recently released.

This new Telegram beta 7.0 update, however, did not bring the support for group video calls. It is expected to arrive soon though, as now the video calling feature is live for beta users.

Telegram is a highly popular messaging platform because it gives more preference to security and safety than aesthetics. Matter of fact, aesthetic changes are also one of the strong points of Telegram.


Keep in mind that the Dark Mode was available way before on Telegram than it made its way to WhatsApp or competing services. One feature that was missing from this powerful messaging app was video calling, which is now added.

Enrolling in the Telegram beta program is a bit confusing process

Those who wish to enjoy the latest video calling feature on the Telegram app, have to do a bit of work to get the app. Basically, enrolling in the Telegram beta is not a straightforward process from the Play Store.

Apparently, the developer of the app releases standalone beta APKs on Microsoft App Center. From here you can grab the APK and install it on your phone. Note that it will install right next to your regular Telegram app.


Moreover, once the installation is over, you need to authenticate again. The good thing is that all the chats will be there, safe and sound.

Once completed you can make a video call right away with any of your contacts, provided they are also running the Telegram beta 7.0.

The Telegram beta 7.0 video calling interface is neat and provides all the options

As you would expect, Telegram gives all the options you would want from a video calling feature. You have the option to choose between the front and rear cameras, turn off the video, mute, or end the call.


Picture in Picture mode (PIP) also works. You have to tap the back arrow on the top left of the video call interface and give permission to enable it.

As per Android Police, there seems to be a glitch with the loudspeaker feature. Where it requires both the users to restart the app on each device to make it work.

However, there is a long way to go for Telegram to be as efficient as WhatsApp, Viber, Google Duo, etc. in this video calling department. The point to note is that it is the beta version of the app. So, things will get well in the stable version, at least that is what we expect.