Telegram Adds Support For The Android 11 Chat Bubbles Notification

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New reports suggest that the latest update for Telegram brings Android 11 Bubble notification support as well. Note that with Android 11, Google introduced a new Facebook Messenger identical notification option called Bubbles.

And now it seems like the new update for the Telegram app has triggered the support of Android 11 chat bubbles. Well, at least for some.

Earlier today we have reported that Telegram finally brought the video calling support feature on its app. Though the group video calling is still missing, one-to-one calling is now possible on Telegram.


Apparently, the same update has now brought Android 11 chat bubble support for some users. Notably, Facebook Messenger and Google Messages already support this new method of display notification introduced with Android 11.

Some users have reported Telegram messages popping up in the new interface

As reported by Android Police, some users who are running the Android 11 Beta, have reported that the latest update automatically shows the Telegram chats in bubbles notification.

Besides, as per some users, they were even displayed a short introduction to the feature. The message from the OS said “new conversations appear as floating icons or bubbles. Tap to open bubble. Drag to move it.”


However, the Telegram chat bubbles are not that smooth and responsive for all the users. Apparently, it has not made its way to all the users as well.

Android Police reports that according to their tipsters, all of their keyboard force close when a message appears in the new interface. Moreover, some profiles were also missing their profile image.

So, what we can deduce from this is that the Telegram chat bubble feature, although has arrived for the users, is still undercooked. We will have to wait for Google and Telegram to fix this issue before the stable version rolls out.


Users can deactivate chat bubbles for Telegram

This interface is quite handy. It allows the messaging app to show its notifications on top of what you are doing. The notification is contained in a bubble. Users can quickly hide the notification bubble and carry on with their other work.

However, since the feature is tested on the Android 11 beta version of the OS, you might come across several glitches and bugs. Fortunately, for users running the Android 11 Beta OS, there is an option that allows them to disable this new interface for Telegram.

If the Telegram messages are not showing properly on the new interface or the chat bubbles are causing issues then, you can head over to app info, choose Notifications and then Bubbles.


Then select from any of the three available options as per your preference. You can download the latest version of the Telegram app that also brings video calling and new animated emojis features for the users from the Google Play Store.