TeamViewer Brings Remote Access Feature To All Android Devices

teamviewer remote access android

Desktop sharing platform TeamViewer on Monday announced that it will be adding support for remote access, control capabilities, and keyboard input for all Android devices. Notably, the supported Android devices include Google Pixel phones, Xiaomi phones, Oppo, and other Android devices.

Note that the new remote access feature of TeamViewer is not limited to the above-mentioned Android phones. Any Android phone running Android 7 or higher is eligible to get the support for this feature.

In the official blog post, CTO at TeamViewer Mike Eissele said, “It is extremely important for our business customers to be able to freely choose the devices and not have to do without the support provided by TeamViewer. But also, in the private environment, there are various smartphones in use and it is important for us to offer support for all devices and not only for the top brands. Everyone should be able to support their friends, parents, or grandparents, regardless of their Android smartphone.


TeamViewer for Android until now, only featured keyboard input support

Notably, the remote access control feature on TeamViewer will be available for both private and business customers. TeamViewer users, from today, can make use of this feature to take control of any connected desktop, remotely. This was one of the most requested features from Android users.

And now, TeamViewer is finally adding it to its Android application. Besides, you can now remotely put your PC to sleep and access it again via any Android device.

Business users will find this feature beneficial. Because it would allow them to remotely manage their important data on their personal PC using an Android phone, even while traveling.


However, one important thing to note is that full access is not available for newly added devices. Users will get full access support only after the installation of the important “Universal Add-On” along with the QuickSupport App.

This also enabled support for keyboard input. So, if you want to gain full access on your remote desktop, you need to mandatory install the “Universal Add-On.” You can download the and QuickSupport App from here for Android.

Moreover, if your Android phone does not have the dedicated add-on support, you have to install the Universal Add On. You can download this add-on from the quick support app itself.


TeamViewer has been in the business since 2005 and is headquartered at Goppingen, Germany.  And till now, it has amassed around 2.2 billion downloads across the globe.

With the help of TeamViewer, users can access any remote servers without the need for using a VPN. This desktop sharing platform also features cross-platform support, i.e. from PC to PC, mobile to PC, PC to mobile, and mobile to mobile.