Find Out If T-Mobile Is Good For Your Business Via Network Trial


T-Mobile has now announced the expansion of its No-Risk Network Trial to include Business accounts. That means that business owners and users can now try out the network offered by the carrier. And that's without a long-term commitment. As the branding suggests, this new business-centric network trial from T-Mobile is fairly straightforward.

Or at least as straightforward as previous trial offers. Any business of any size can now sign up for the network for free, for 30-days.

The company is also making this offer with complete support for its nationwide 5G network. Next-gen networking is included in its unlimited plans as part of the package. So there aren't any extra costs associated with that. As the company with the largest 5G network by a large margin, that means access to 1.3-million square miles of 5G. Setting aside a planned $40-billion investment in that network over the next few years.


The deal also comes with T-Mobile's Magenta Glove support and all of the company's plan extras. So hotspot, roaming, and other services are part of the bundle.

T-Mobile is giving away a great No-Risk Network Trial 5G device too

For those that are still on the fence about switching, T-Mobile is going to be giving away a top-rated 5G mobile device too. As part of the promotion, starting from August 14, T-Mobile will give business customers in the Network Trial a free Samsung Galaxy A51 5G. And that'll be offered up with 90-days of free service.

Additionally, up to $650 in device payoff from the previous carrier will be available too. So business customers won't need to worry about hefty bills still owed for devices purchased on their previous provider.


So what's the catch?

Of course, there is always fine print associated with any deals of this nature from carriers. So it's no surprise there are a few here too.

First, the new Samsung Galaxy A51 5G and 90-days of free service will come in the form of bill credits. And business customers will need to switch over or add a new line of Magenta Plus for Business or Business Unlimited Plus if they want their old phones paid off. That will be credited via virtual prepaid card and trade-in credit on up to five lines.

The carrier also notes that "Businesses with up to 12 lines will be provided a hotspot to trial T-Mobile’s upgraded LTE network for up to 30 days." Or up to 30GB of data. And whichever circumstance happens to come first will be applicable. Accounts with 13 lines or more will also be redirected through a program expressly designed for that. Which T-Mobile hasn't outlined in its announcement.