Image Leaks Give Another Look At The Surface Duo For AT&T


Microsoft's upcoming Surface Duo has been shown off very little, but these image leaks of the device give a much clearer look at it.

The images come from Evan Blass. A well-known presence in the mobile industry for leaking pictures of devices from phones to smartwatches.

The announcement video that Microsoft showed off last Fall gave a pretty decent look at the phone. But these new image leaks of the Surface Duo let you see the device more from the front. Plus they're static images, so you get a longer look and can see certain details more clearly.


A clearer image of the Surface Duo, up close and personal

There isn't much that's being shown off that's different here from what Microsoft already displayed in October of 2019.

However, the image leaks do show the Surface Duo a little more up close and personal from the front. The device definitely carries a familiar Surface aesthetic that Microsoft has been using on its more recent devices.

And if wasn't clear from the announcement video, this is going to be a pretty big device. Even when folded closed.


Microsoft is still keeping the same design

If nothing else, what these images accomplish is showing that Microsoft hasn't decided to change the design of the device since it was first shown off in 2019.

There's no doubt that the company has probably hit some snags since the pandemic started and more people began to work remotely. But it probably wasn't expected that it would take Microsoft this long to launch the Surface Duo.

At least not immediately. Once the year started to settle in and more delays happened for everything from devices to software releases, it was likely less of a surprise to find out that the Surface Duo wasn't launching any time soon. Though now it is suspected to launch this month.


Since being shown off last year, Microsoft has had plenty of time to work more on the Surface Duo. And in that time it could have easily redesigned the look of the phone a little bit.

That's not what it's done though. It still looks the same as the day it was unveiled almost a year ago. Whether you're happy with the design or not, it's certainly unique. And it may not be anyone's main phone.

The design and functionality of having a folding device like this definitely seems like it would work better as a business device.