Spotify Is Entering Esports With A League Of Legends Partnership

Spotify League Of Legends

Spotify is making a big splash in Esports through a new partnership with League Of Legends and its creator Riot Games.

The partnership will bring about a handful of exciting new content that revolves around the game and its highly competitive community. League Of Legends is the largest Esport game globally. So this is a big win for Spotify.

Tournaments for League Of Legends command millions upon million of viewers each and every year. And the winners get to walk home with some pretty hefty sums of money for prizes.


Because of that popularity, Spotify has a chance to scoop up some more users or more engagement from users that already subscribe to its free or premium offerings. Spotify will also be the official and exclusive home for a number of pieces of original League Of Legends content.

The Spotify partnership with League Of Legends includes original podcasts

As the first and exclusive global audio service provider for League of Legends, Spotify will be the new home to exciting original content.

There are a handful of things planned and more to come that will be worked on throughout the multi-year partnership. To kick things off, Spotify will play host to multiple original podcasts that revolve around the game.

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The podcasts are not yet available, but Spotify says that the first one is already in development and will be coming out sometime in the near future. It's called Untold Stories: Top Moments From Worlds, and will be a 9-episode series that leads up to the 10 League Of Legends World Championship.

It will have a focus on League Of Legends Esports. So expect it to have commentary on matches past and present, upcoming tournaments, teams and more.

There's already an official League Of Legends playlist and it's a banger

The podcast may not be ready yet but there is already an official League Of Legends playlist.


It's a banger too. It's also accessible to users that subscribe to both the free and paid versions of Spotify. You can check out samples of the playlist below if you're curious. Those looking for more official League Of Legends content on Spotify will have to wait a bit.

But more content is coming. Spotify says that additional music, podcasts, and other original content will be inspired by the League Of Legends gaming community. Which will make for some interesting stuff to listen to for fans of the game.

There are however four official playlists to listen to so far. So if you get through one you can check out the others. There's also a number of podcasts about the game that aren't officially from Spotify or Riot Games. So it's not like there aren't any at all.


All of the League Of Legends content will be easy to find thanks to Spotify creating a specific hub for all things League Of Legends. Anytime new content is published, it'll show up in the hub.