Sony To Launch Three Flagship Models Next Year

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Sony might switch back to the "three flagship models" strategy next year. The information comes from a rather unusual place, a user comment on an Android Police thread. However, it was backed by Android next, suggesting that something like that may indeed be in plans. The Japanese blog has a decent track record with Sony Xperia leaks. Additionally, the claims are in line with Sony's promise of a revised smartphone strategy going forward.

According to the comment picked up by Android next, Sony plans to launch three models of its flagship phones in 2021 and beyond. There will be a compact model, a regular model, and a large (premium) model. That's very much in line with what most smartphone makers are doing these days. This strategy caters to every kind of consumer and also enables companies to launch flagship products at different price points.

The source further claims that Sony will skip a compact flagship model this year. The Japanese electronics giant launched the Xperia 1 II flagship with a 6.5-inch 4K HDR OLED display earlier this year.


Sony to launch flagship models in three sizes from 2021

Sony makes everything from TVs to cameras, headphones, game consoles, and a lot more other electronic gadgets, including smartphones, of course. The company is a market leader in several of these device categories. It makes stunning display panels for its Bravia OLED TVs; Sony digital cameras are hugely popular around the globe; its headphones offer some of the best sound quality.

For a company of such a huge stature, one would expect Sony to make killer smartphones as well. However, the Japanese conglomerate has never been able to nail the smartphone game. It's struggling even more in recent times.

But Sony is determined to fight back and regain some of the lost ground in the smartphone industry with a revised strategy going forward. It appears a "three flagship models" strategy is among the things the company is considering. It's unclear if it'll launch all three models at the same time or we'll see a staged release depending on market demand.

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That said, it's advised to take this information with a grain of salt. As much as Android Police and Android next are reliable sources, the fact that the information comes from a relatively unknown source means there are still question marks over its credibility. We'll have to wait for more reliable sources to back up the claims before we could say anything for sure. And we might have to wait quite long for that. It's still a bit too early for 2021 leaks.

Sony three flagship models 2021