Snapchat Adds Voter Awareness Tool To Make Users Ready For November

snapchat voting tool

Snapchat is now rolling out a new voting tool that will help people to vote in the upcoming presidential elections in November. This voter awareness tool is targeted at the younger audience.

Moreover, it will help them with resources to prep up a voting plan and register themselves to vote. Users will get information related to the US election along with a voter checklist card. This will contain all the info on when and how to register to vote.

Notably, this voter checklist card feature is making a return after 2018. As per Snap, this feature helped more than 450,000 users with voter registration for that year’s election.


Snapchat has a huge user base, especially the youths and the millennials. This Snapchat voting tool will help these young heads to get educated about the upcoming election and prepare themselves to vote.

New Snapchat features are live starting Thursday on the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act

Snap, the parent organization of Snapchat cited some information from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE), based at Tufts University.

Notably, the research shows that young voters who are eligible to vote in November, are also actively interested in the coming elections. They are also politically active and knowledgeable about the ongoings in the arena.


However, they are not fully aware of how they can take part and get information on registering themselves to vote. Besides, two-thirds of the voters between 18-21 age know about voting via college campuses.

But the current pandemic situation has turned the tables and most of the colleges have gone remote.

Snapchat is introducing new features like Voter Registration, Voter Checklist, Voter Guide, and more

As per Axios, to help the youth, Snapchat is introducing four new features via this voting tool. These features are namely, Voter Registration Mini, Voter Guide, Voter Checklist, and Before You Vote Mini.


Voter Registration Mini allows the users to register their vote straight from Snapchat. It will also include TurboVote, a tracker to show how many users have registered to vote on Snapchat.

Voter Guide, as the name suggests, will bring all the information about the election including voting by mail, ballot education, and voter registration. It will features resources and information from organizations like NAACP, ACLU, BallotReady, DemocracyWorks, APIA Vote, I am a Voter, Vote Early Day, National Voter Registration Day, and more.

Before You Vote Mini is a feature made in partnership with BallotReady. This will provide information on the different options of voting. Moreover, this feature will also help users to plan their vote.


Finally, Voter Checklist will help the users to ensure that they are registered and ready to vote. Keeping in mind the young userbase Snapchat has, this voting tool features could play a key role in the upcoming November elections.