Get Ready To Bid Adieu To The ‘Classic’ Facebook Look

facebook new look

A new notification and the support page that helped user to switch back to classic look on Facebook web, now confirms that the old Facebook look is going away in September.

Over a year ago, Mark Zuckerberg showcased the new look, which the company was aiming to adapt to in the future. Besides, in May, the company started rolling out the new design for users globally.

However, there was an option and a dedicated support page for users to switch back to the classic Facebook look. But now, Facebook has confirmed that the old look will be going away for good in September.


As per Engadget, the new UI brings dark mode in the Facebook UI. We will also have to say goodbye to the good-old Blue theme. There are new icons, which are round in shape and Facebook has also increased the font size.

Moreover, the UI is cleaner, sleeker, and gives more space between sections. The navigation now gets easier and is streamlined. Interestingly, the home page transition loads more quickly, which is a nice touch to the interface.

The dark mode is already available for desktop version of Facebook

The Facebook web dark mode which arrived in March for the web version of Facebook is now improved. You can enable it from the list of options next to the notification icon.


Facebook will allow its users to switch back to the old look, but that is only available until this month. The new design will be implemented in September.

Facebook is collecting feedback regarding the new look

The company says that they are collecting feedback for this new look. And once there are enough responses, the company will fix the issues and will make it the default interface for Facebook.

Meanwhile, users can submit their feedback on this new Facebook look. If you find any issues or glitch, you can let Facebook know about it, so it can be fixed before it is rolled out for the masses globally.


The new Facebook look will be available for all the users, globally, starting in September. You can even use it today, but you still have the option of getting back to the old theme, for at least a limited time.

A Facebook alert says that the developers and the company have done tremendous improvements in the new look and they are excited to share it with the users.

Facebook, approximately has 2.9 billion users across the globe, and it will be interesting to see their reaction to this new refreshed look. Let us know your thoughts on this new look of Facebook in the comments section below.