Here's What Samsung's New Convertible Wireless Charger Looks Like


Samsung is gearing up to announce quite a few products tomorrow at Unpacked. And it looks like we might be getting a new wireless charger too.

According to Roland Quandt, who has a pretty good track record with leaks, this is the new Samsung EP-N3300 9W wireless charger. And it is a convertible one too. Allowing it to be a charging pad or a charging stand. Samsung previously had a convertible wireless charger, but it was much larger and likely much more expensive.

The bad news here is that this is only 9W

With many other smartphone makers going with much faster wireless charging recently, Samsung is sticking with 9W speeds. Even though their phones, in the past, have supported 10W and even 12W. We're unsure what the Galaxy Note 20 will support, but we expect it to be about the same.


So seeing this come in at only 9W is a bit surprising.

Meanwhile, OnePlus is doing 30W, and so is Xiaomi and Huawei. But given Samsung's track record, it looks like they want to be safe rather than sorry. We all remember what happened with the Galaxy Note 7 four years ago.

It could be that Samsung is looking to offer a lower-priced wireless charger, and that's why this is only 9W. Considering it has released 15W wireless chargers in the past. Or perhaps it's something to do with the fact that this is a convertible charger. We could speculate all day long about this.


Could be announced alongside Galaxy Note 20 tomorrow

At Unpacked, Samsung doesn't generally "announce" accessories, but it does have them debut alongside their newest smartphones.

Samsung has a number of first-party smartphone accessories available, and this wireless charger is likely to be one of them. Normally, there are a few cases, as well as DeX accessories and a new wireless charger or two. Of course, we'll find out more tomorrow when Samsung makes it all official.

Unpacked is already set to be a packed event, no pun intended. Samsung has confirmed that there would be five devices announced at Unpacked. And we expect those to be the Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Tab S7 series, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Watch 3 and the Galaxy Buds Live. There could also be some surprises in there, but where everything has basically leaked already, there likely won't be any.


Unpacked is set to start at 10AM EST/7AM PST tomorrow, it'll be an online-only event for obvious reasons. And we'll of course be covering everything here at AndroidHeadlines.