Samsung Introduces AltZLife, The Ultimate Private Mode Feature


Samsung is providing more options and features to young customers, and has announced a new feature called AltZLife. This feature allows users to keep their images, videos, or any other file, safe and private.

AltZLife will provide enhanced privacy to users that seek it. Currently though this new feature is only available for the users of Samsung Galaxy A71 and A51.

Moreover, the feature will make its way to Galaxy A71 and A51 via a software update on August 10, 2020. As per the official post, the AltZLife feature will allow users to quickly switch between normal and private mode.


This can be quickly done by double-pressing the power button. Furthermore, the on-device AI will also suggest its users move private content to the Secure Folder.

79-percent of Gen Z customers have content which they want to be secure and private

Samsung research reveals that around 79-percent of its young customers have content which they do not want anyone else to see. These include images, videos, private chats, and more.

Moreover, young customers, or Gen Z users, do not want to share that data with anyone else. This is where the AltZLife feature comes into play.


Under the 'Make for India' initiative, AltZLife has two components, i.e. Quick Switch and Content Suggestions. These features are developed by engineers at Samsung R&D Institutes in Bangalore and Noida.

The company also stresses the fact that Samsung is looking to develop features catering to Indian audiences, developed by Indians across its Samsung R&D centers in the country.

After developing the AI-based features for the Galaxy A series like Alive Intelligence which offers a multi-language keyboard, smart crop, finder, etc, AltZLife is the next step in that direction.


AltZLife has two components, i.e. Quick Switch and Content Suggestions

As already mentioned, AltZLife has two features. Quick Switch basically allows the Galaxy A51 and A71 users to switch between two instances of the same app, i.e. normal mode and private mode, easily.

Users can switch to private mode simply by double-tapping the power button. However, note that authentication is required to enter into private mode. Returning to normal mode does not require authentication.

Meanwhile, the Content Suggestions feature of the AltZLife is an AI-based app in the Secure Folder. Using the in-built AI, this feature will automatically suggest the user move private images to the Secure Folder.


And to get suggestions, users need to simply select specific faces or images as private and move them to the Secure Folder. Once this is done, the AI will identify the relevant images from the entire gallery and suggest you move them over as well to keep them private.