You Need To See This Hands On Video Of The Galaxy Z Fold 2!

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 1

Samsung unveiled a bunch of products in the recently concluded Unpacked event on August 5, 2020. However, one thing that caught everybody’s attention was the preview of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. And a recent hands-on video by BenGeskin showcases the phone’s design.

It is a big step in the direction of foldable phones, which Samsung has showcased in the Unpacked event. Notably, this tells us that Samsung will not back down from challenges.

Well, we all are aware of the ruckus around the Galaxy Fold device. Matter of fact, the ‘broken-screen’ fiasco is something that put the Galaxy Fold under scrutiny.


But Samsung brought significant improvements in the new-gen Galaxy Z Fold 2 design, along with some subtle tweaks. We got a new hinge mechanism, a new exterior design, a handful of improved cameras, and much more.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 design looks gorgeous inside out

We expect companies to showcase their products with a lot of artificial aesthetic during the launch. There are several occasions where the product in the hand does not feel the same as marketed by the company.

Fortunately, Samsung did not hold its ambitions only to innovation, because the Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks absolutely stunning even in the real world.


The video by Ben Geskin showcases the new sturdy hinge mechanism. It seems pretty satisfying and also boasts great confidence in the minds of the users about its durability.

Samsung has also tried to reduce the gap between the two screens when folded, to avoid unwanted debris to sneak in the gap.

Samsung has incorporated a layer of ultra-thin glass in the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s display. This is done to make the display of the device less prone to damages. However, there is still a significant crease along the center of the screen.


Samsung ditched the notch for a punch hole to house the cameras

The previous-gen Galaxy Fold was also good in design considering it was a first-gen product. But the huge notch slapped on the inside display was something which many were not a fan of.

Samsung heard it, and removed the notch and has included a punch-hole camera, not only on the inside display but also on the outside display of the phone.

Talking about the outside display, it looks gorgeous and now serves the purpose of being both a smartphone and a tablet. The outer display is a 6.2 inch Super AMOLED panel. Meanwhile, the inside display is now 7.6-inches.


If we have to really nitpick the negatives in the Galaxy Z Fold, it is how Samsung has handled the software. No, we are not complaining about One UI here. Long story short, the outer display refreshes at 60Hz while the inner display refreshes at 120Hz. This is something where Samsung could have hit the ball out of the park by providing 120Hz on both the displays.

It is no hidden fact that if you have used a high refresh rate display for an extended period, switching over to a lower refresh rate takes time to adjust. Besides, it is the feeling that makes us believe that the smartphone is actually running like a beast.

Samsung will release the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in two colors, the Mystic Black, and Mystic Bronze. Moreover, users in the select region will also be able to customize the hinge color of the phablet.