Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 Is Available Now, Starting At $399

Galaxy Watch3 Mystic Bronze and Black Close Up Lifestyle

While the Galaxy Note 20 has opened up for pre-orders, the Galaxy Watch 3 is actually available for purchase now. No pre-orders needed.

Meaning that you don’t need to wait until August 21 to buy the Galaxy Watch 3, you can do so today and have it as soon as today – depending on where you buy it from.

How much is the Galaxy Watch 3?

You can buy the Galaxy Watch 3 starting at $399. That is for the smaller 41mm model with Bluetooth. The 45mm model is going to cost you $429.


There is also a LTE model that will start at $429 for the 41mm model, but depending on the carrier, it could cost you more. For example, Verizon is selling it for $449 and the larger 45mm is $479.

Samsung is selling the Galaxy Watch 3 in two models this year, that sound a bit odd, 41mm and 45mm instead of 40mm and 44mm. That is because they were able to slim down the bezels and provide a larger screen in the same footprint. So you’re getting a slightly larger display this time around.

The 41mm is available in stainless steel casing, and the 45mm model is available in stainless steel and titanium casings.


Samsung is offering the Galaxy Watch 41mm in Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black. Meanwhile, the 45mm Galaxy Watch 3 is going to be available in Mystic Silver and Mystic Black (Mystic Silver is available in Titanium).

It is a very much improved smartwatch from the original Galaxy Watch, and you can read our entire breakdown of it here.

Buy the Galaxy Watch 3

You can buy the Galaxy Watch 3 from Samsung.com, Best Buy and Amazon. As well as the carriers. The carriers will of course only be selling the LTE model and not the Bluetooth model of the Galaxy Watch 3. So prices will be a bit different, but you can finance through your carrier so you don’t have to pay the full amount today.


Samsung.com, Best Buy and Amazon have the 41mm model for $399 and the 45mm model for $429.

Verizon offers the 41mm for $18.75 per month for 24 months, or $449.99 full retail. The 45mm is $19.99 per month for 24 months or $479.99 full retail.

You can order your Galaxy Watch 3 today and should have it tomorrow or Friday, unless you choose in-store pick up at your preferred carrier or retailer. That’s not bad at all.


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