Under-Display Camera On The Galaxy S21? Don't Get Your Hopes Up

Samsung Logo A71 5G DG AH 02 2020

Under-display camera technology is the next step in the smartphone evolution, it seems, but the Samsung Galaxy S21 will not feature it. This information comes from a well-known analyst, by the way, so it’s probably accurate.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 will not feature under-display camera technology

Ross Young, a well-known display analyst, shared this information via Twitter. One Twitter user asked Mr. Young to leak the Galaxy S21 under-display camera, and he flat out said that the tech won’t be included.

Ross Young usually gets such information way ahead of everyone else. It is always possible he’s wrong, but chances are this information is spot on.


Under-display camera tech has been in development for a long time. Visionox confirmed a while back that it’s ready to mass-produce its solution, while several other companies demoed its products with such tech.

Both OPPO and Xiaomi demonstrated under-display camera tech, and it’s only a matter of time before we see first smartphones with it. Some rumors even suggested that the first phone with such tech will arrive by the end of 2020.

That may still happen, though it’s not as likely. Next year, however, we’ll probably see quite a few such smartphones in the market. The Galaxy S21 won’t be one of them, though, it seems, and under-display camera tech will avoid the lineup altogether.

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The Galaxy Note 21 may be on board, though, but we’ll see. It’s still too early to say, as it’s still new tech, and it remains to be seen how fast will it evolve. The COVID-19 outbreak certainly didn’t help matters.

This tech will hopefully force display notches and holes to disappear

This technology will make it possible for companies to stop utilizing notches / display camera holes. It would allow Samsung to remove that display camera hole that it has been including on its phones for a while now.

Under-display camera tech basically allows companies to achieve the front look of a phone that motorized cameras provided, but without moving parts. Such cameras can see through the display, essentially, though that’s the simplest way of explaining it.


Once you fire up the front-facing camera, that part of the display will become see-through, so that the camera can get the best possible shot.

Display notches and holes have been a part of the game for too long, it’s time they go away. Under-display camera technology will hopefully make that happen for many phones.

The Galaxy S21 series is expected to arrive in Q1 next year, though the global health crisis could ruin Samsung’s plans. We’ll have to wait and see.