Samsung Galaxy S20 Didn't Manage To Outsell S10 In The US In Q2


Well, the latest shipment report from Canalys reveals that Samsung recorded fewer Galaxy S20 shipments in Q2 2020 as compared to Galaxy S10 in Q2 2019 in the US.

The shipment rate is almost 59% lower for the Galaxy S20 series than the Galaxy S10 series. The current COVID-19 situation came down very hard on all the sectors, especially the smartphone industry.

The smartphone sales got lowered as the lockdown was imposed worldwide. Moreover, in the US, the smartphone market saw a decline in year-on-year shipment by 5% in Q2 2020.


Besides, the lower sales are because Samsung was unable to deliver the Samsung Galaxy S20 models to the users in the US due to country-wide restrictions due to COVID-19.

Q1 2020 sales were dependent on 2019 budget smartphones

As per the source, Samsung's sale in Q1 2020 totally depended on 2019 budget smartphones. This is the reason some 2019 budget phones like Galaxy A10e and A20 were the best-selling products from Samsung in the US in Q1 2020.

Besides, one thing that happened with Samsung flagships is that they got pricier. Notably, the average smartphone prices went down in the US in Q2 2020.


The average price was $503, which is 10% lower as compared to 2019. Samsung went with the decision of hiking the price of its flagships in 2020, which did not seem to have gone down 'well' for the company. Afterall, the shipments number suggests so.

However, Samsung could maintain the second spot in smartphone shipments in the US. It was able to bag a market share of 23.2% and shipped 7.4 million smartphones in total in Q2 2020.

70% of smartphones shipped in the US in Q2 2020, were made in China

The global dominance of Chinese smartphone brands can be seen in the US as well. Notably, as per Canalys, almost 70% of the smartphone shipment in the US in Q2 2020, were made in China.


This number is around 60% higher as compared to the quarter before, i.e. Q1 2020. Meanwhile, seven out of ten products sold were from Apple and Samsung.

Apparently, the lockdown imposed because of coronavirus seemed to have impacted the US quite heavily. This is also one reason why the 5G adoption in the US was brought to a standstill.

Due to the unavailability of 5G network coverage, users in the US had to settle with 4G enabled devices. But this will not be the picture for the future, as the carriers in the US are gearing up for transitioning from LTE to 5G.


Samsung can also hope its recent release, the Galaxy Note 20 series, will perform well in the US market, as the country is slowly easing lockdown imposed in the country,