Samsung Made Some Fire Cases For Galaxy Note 20


Samsung routinely makes first-party cases for its flagship smartphones, and the Galaxy Note 20 is no different.

There are a number of new cases that Samsung has created for the Galaxy Note 20, and they follow along with the same materials that were used for the Galaxy S20 cases.

These include the Smart LED cover, Clear View Cover and the Kvadrat Cover. While we don't yet have pricing for these (that will likely show up when the Galaxy Note 20 goes up for pre-order tonight), they won't be cheap. Think around $40 or more each.


The Kvadrat cover is an elegant case that provides some added grip

The Galaxy Note 20 series is already pretty hefty and large, not to mention they are made of glass. So they are going to be pretty tough to hold onto. Of course, if it falls out of your hand, it will shatter. So a case is needed. And the Kvadrat cover is a really good option.

This is Samsung's version of a fabric case, which has become pretty popular in the past couple of years.

Samsung is offering it this year in an orange color and a gray color. Which are going to go well with the new Mystic tones that Samsung is using with the Galaxy Note 20 series this time around.


The Kvadrat cover will add some heft to the phone, but the added grip is definitely important. To keep your phone safe and secure in your hand.

The Smart LED and Clear View Covers are classic Samsung cases

The other two cases here are classic Samsung cases. Ones that Samsung has been offering for years.

The Clear View Cover is a simple clear case that you can pick up for the Galaxy Note 20. It's nothing to crazy, which is definitely a good thing for those that want to show off the looks of their Galaxy Note 20.


The Smart LED Cover is a bit different. It's a cover case, and it covers the majority of the screen when closed. But it leaves a strip on the right side that shows you the date and time, as well as any notifications that you might have. And it comes in the Mystic Bronze color, which matches perfectly with the Galaxy Note 20 in Mystic Bronze. Almost makes it look like it was built onto the phone, and not as a case.

These will all be available to purchase from every retailer that is selling the Galaxy Note 20. Including, Best Buy, Amazon, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. If you pre-order the Galaxy Note 20, you can even use the $100 (or $150 if you get the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra) credit you receive to buy these cases. And keep your Galaxy Note 20 protected.