Your Galaxy Note 20 Doesn't Come With Headphones, So Here's How You Can Get Them For Free

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For the past few years, Samsung has been including headphones in the box with its smartphones. Even though most other smartphones ditched that years ago. The Galaxy Note 20 however, does not come with a free pair of headphones. At least in the US and Canada.

But, there is still a way to get a free pair. The same free pair that is in the box, in other regions.

Samsung noted after review units of the Galaxy Note 20 went out and many of us noticed there were no headphones in the box that they “no longer offering wired headphones in the box for our flagship phones in North America.”


This is likely because more and more people are no longer using wired headphones and have instead switched to Bluetooth headphones. So it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to continue putting these wired ones in the box. But you can still get the free pair of headphones.

The headphones aren’t generally that impressive. They are a pair of USB-C wired headphones, tuned by AKG. One might say that they are better than what Apple includes, and better than nothing at all. But they aren’t anything special, when you think about it. Though it’s nice not to have to use an adapter for them.

Here’s how you can get those AKG headphones for free

Thankfully, we’re not all out of luck, when it comes to the wired AKG headphones.

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Samsung said that “for those consumers that prefer the USB-C wired headphones, our customer car team can offer them on request.”

So, all you need to do is get in contact with Samsung Support, once you get your new Galaxy Note 20 device. You can call Samsung support at 1-800-726-7864. Or you can text “HELP” to 62913. And just let them know that you want to get your complimentary pair of AKG headphones. Samsung support should send them right out.

Since, no one has a retail Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra yet, the process to get the free headphones hasn’t been done just yet. So after August 21, when retail units start shipping, we should know more about this process. And how well it works.


It’s a big strange that Samsung is making you contact support for this. You’d think Samsung would make a special webpage for you to claim your headphones. Maybe if enough people contact support about it, that might happen. But as for now, you’ll need to contact them in some way to get them.