Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Teardown Shows It's Easy To Repair

galaxy buds live teardown video

A new teardown video from iFixit shows that the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are much easier to repair.

The follow-up guide will help many users in case they are wondering how to repair these 'beans' if they as for it.

The recently concluded Unpacked event unveiled a bunch of new products from Samsung. Notably, it included Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Tab S7 series, Galaxy Watch 3, and a preview of the Galaxy Z Fold 2.


However, there was one more thing that was launched, i.e. the Galaxy Buds Live. And the teardown video from iFixit shows how easy it is to repair the Galaxy Buds Live, only if you follow the steps carefully.

The video is very helpful in cases where you have to replace the battery of the Galaxy Buds Live. Moreover, iFixit termed this Galaxy Buds Live teardown as 'one of the easiest' buds they’ve opened so far.

Samsung actually printed the word 'Bean' inside each earbud

Well, the Galaxy Buds Live were touted to carry the name Galaxy Beans. Contrary to this Samsung decided to stick with the 'Bean' design, but not with the 'Bean' name.

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Coming back to the video, it shows that everything is properly glued and screws were cleverly positioned. The battery inside the Galaxy Buds Live is of standard size, and it requires some effort to pry open before you can replace them.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live uses a 3.7v CP1254 lithium-ion button battery. This 'button battery' will be difficult to search online, as per iFixit.

The battery size of the charging case is 472 mAh/1.81 Wh. This provides juice to the Galaxy Buds to stay up and running for 29 hours when both the buds and charging case are fully charged.


Galaxy Buds Live are easier to dissect than its counterparts

iFixit gives the Galaxy Buds Live teardown a score of 8 out of 10. Previous-gen Galaxy Buds and Buds+ received a score of 6 and 7, respectively.

Besides, they also pointed out that Samsung put in a lot of adhesives to keep the internal parts together. The good thing about this is that they can be reused for re-assembly.

Apparently, all the major components of the Buds Live i.e. circuit boards, speaker drivers, etc. can be replaced independently.


As you would expect from a fragile product like wireless earbuds, careful hands are mandatory to open the Galaxy Buds. Tools used were very common, and it did not require any special tool for any part of the process.