Samsung Galaxy A Series Might Also Get Android Updates For 3 Years

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As per the latest development, Samsung is looking to consider 3 years of Android OS support for the Galaxy A series of smartphones.

Note that Samsung previously used to have an update policy that promises 2 years of Android OS updates. Besides, this policy applied for all the devices, even the flagship models.

However, in the recently concluded Unpacked event, Samsung announced that smartphones running Android 9 Pie out of the box will get updates for three years.


But as per the latest reports from Tizenhelp, the top-end variants of Galaxy A-series are also being considered to get 3 years of Android OS updates. Apparently, this piece of information was shared via a customer representative from Korea.

Only high-end Galaxy A series phones are under review for this update policy

Notably, not all the Galaxy A-series devices will get the 3 years Android OS support. If at all this policy comes into effect, only high-end Galaxy A series variants will pick up the updates.

Apparently, the high-end Galaxy A series includes Samsung Galaxy A90, Galaxy A80, Galaxy A71, and their 5G variants only.


Though Samsung’s take for global devices is still under review as this information comes from a Korean customer representative.

Matter of fact, Samsung has clarified that 3 years of Android OS updates on Galaxy A series totally depends on hardware support.

Galaxy A-series phones are under additional review for this policy

As per the screenshot, the Korean representative reveals that some high-end variants of the Galaxy A-series are under additional review.


However, previously released models of Galaxy S9, Note 9, A-series, and tablets are not eligible for this policy.

The representative also added that the OEM is checking the hardware and resources of these phones. And it totally depends on these factors whether these devices will support the new update policy or not.

If the devices get clearance, then the information will be shared on the Samsung Members App. Furthermore, there are good chances for the company’s high-end tablets of getting 3 years of OS updates as well.


What should we expect?

Well, the devices are under review and nothing concrete is available to share on this matter. Notably, we will have to wait for official confirmation from Samsung.

Good thing is that at least Samsung is considering other devices apart from their flagships for this policy. Keep in mind that other devices (not mentioned officially by Samsung) will continue to get 2 years of Android OS updates.

As of now, Galaxy Note 10, Note 20, S10 and S20 series along with some other devices will surely get 3 years of OS support.


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