Samsung Already Developing Three New Foldable Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Leather Cover featured image

Samsung is already developing three new Galaxy Z Fold series foldable smartphones, it seems. This information comes from Twitter (tipster), as those three devices have been listed, along with some details.

Samsung is developing three new foldable smartphones

The three devices in question are the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Fold Lite, and Z Fold S. This is not exactly a well-known source, but it was one of the first to let us know of the Galaxy Fold 5G last year.

In any case, two out of these three devices have been mentioned before, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Fold Lite. The former is the next major flagships foldable ‘Fold’ phone that the company will announce, it’s coming next year.


The Galaxy Z Fold Lite may even arrive this year, and it’s supposed to be a more affordable foldable phone from the company. The Galaxy Z Fold S is the biggest mystery here. All we know about it, is that it’s supposed to fold both in and out. That info comes from that very same source.

The source claims that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will include an S Pen, though that the price of this device is currently an issue. It seems like Samsung is trying to solve that problem, and offer a somewhat normal price for the phone.

Why is its price an issue? Well, if this phone ends up sporting an S Pen, Samsung needs to fit a special digitizer beneath that foldable display. Digitizers are bendable, but implementing one in a ‘Fold’ handset sure won’t be cheap.


The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be fueled by the Snapdragon 875 SoC, which will be Qualcomm’s flagship processor for 2021. That’s all we know about the phone thus far, as its launch is still far away.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 did get announced, kind of. The phone has been announced, but not all details have been released. Samsung will share more information next month.

The Galaxy Z Fold Lite is expected to cost less than $1,000

The Galaxy Z Fold Lite has been rumored for quite some time now. That phone is expected to launch either this year, or the next, and it’s supposed to cost less than $1,000.


The tipster notes that Samsung will return to a CPI film with that smartphone. That may be a necessary step in order to deliver such a price tag for the device.

What is a CPI film? Well, that basically means that the phone won’t include an UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) display, but a plastic one. That is something we’ll have to deal with, it seems.

Samsung seems to be investing heavily into foldable smartphones at this point. It seems like we’ll be seeing more and more of them as time goes by.