Qualcomm May Offer A Less Expensive Version Of The Snapdragon 875


Qualcomm is known for having excellent top-tier mobile platforms but they aren't cheap, however a recent rumor suggests that the company may release a less expensive version of the Snapdragon 875.

The rumor comes from Digital Chat Station on Twitter. Who posted a translation of a recent couple of statements that were overheard during a communication event held by Oppo.

Based on the information, it sounds like Qualcomm will make it easier for brands like Oppo and OnePlus to integrate the Snapdragon 875. If the details are accurate, then consumers might be able to expect a lower price on phones next year.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 may come in multiple "Lite" versions

According to Digital Chat Station, the Snapdragon 875 may come in a Lite version. Not just one, but potentially multiple Lite versions.

The reason for this would be so that the Snapdragon 875 is more affordable. Qualcomm's top-tier mobile platforms are more expensive. Partly due to the fact that manufacturers have to purchase the modem separately. Because it isn't integrated with the chip.

This in turn leads to a more expensive device by the time it reaches consumers. It's either that or the manufacturer potentially makes devices at a loss. If you remember some of OnePlus' earliest devices, those phones were much less expensive.


Qualcomm's older mobile platforms also had integrated modems. Its current hardware does not. By taking the Snapdragon 875 and offering Lite versions to manufacturers, they should have the ability to integrate Qualcomm's hardware and still keep the cost down on devices.

A Lite version would probably be less powerful

For Qualcomm to make a less expensive version of the Snapdragon 875, or a Lite version, it'll have to cut costs on its own manufacturing.

Which would mean removing features. That would probably lead to a slightly less powerful mobile platform. Though how much less powerful is unclear. For one, there's no confirmation from Qualcomm yet on the Snapdragon 875 let alone a Lite version of it.


It likely won't announce any such hardware till later in 2020. That being said, even if it would be a less powerful mobile platform than a standard Snapdragon 875 or 875 Plus, it could still be very capable.

All of this of course is speculative since it isn't coming straight from Qualcomm or the manufacturers that it's working with. Regardless, less expensive flagship Qualcomm mobile platforms would mean saving money. All without having to compromise on specs and performance.