Qualcomm Surprisingly Just Announced A New Processor That Does Not Have 5G

qualcomm snapdragon 732g AH

Qualcomm has taken the wraps off of its newest chipset, the Snapdragon 732G.

This chipset is meant to provide a better experience for high-tier gaming smartphones. And it is the successor to the Snapdragon 730G.

According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 732G has been designed to deliver “immersive gameplay backed by smarter, faster artificial intelligence and accelerated performance, including an upgraded GPU and CPU compared to the previous generation.”


Additionally, POCO will be the first brand to use the Snapdragon 732G globally.

Snapdragon 732G is a octa-core processor

Qualcomm has outfitted the Snapdragon 732G with eight cores, these are all Kryo 470 CPU cores. Which are clocked as fast as 2.3GHz. That’s faster than the cores found in a lot of laptops. It is built on a 8nm process, making this a fairly small and also battery efficient chipset. Which has been the bread and butter of the Snapdragon 700-series – slightly slower than the 800-series, with much better battery efficiency.

The Adreno 618 GPU is here to power the graphics. The Snapdragon 732G also has select Snapdragon Elite Gaming features include Qualcomm® Game Jank Reducer, Vulkan® 1.1 Graphics Driver, True HDR, and anti-cheat extensions. Making for a really great gaming experience.


This is not a 5G chipset

Surprisingly, the Snapdragon 732G does not have 5G. It has 4G LTE only. This is thanks to the Snapdragon X15 LTE modem that is included here. And where most people still have LTE and no access to 5G, this is the better move for Qualcomm. Not to mention, it’ll be cheaper for smartphone makers to put this into their phones – unlike the Snapdragon 765G, 865 and 865+.

There are a few other interesting specifications on this chipset. Like the fact that it can only support up to QHD+ resolution on the phone. But it can support up to 4K resolution on an external display. It can also support up to 8GB of RAM. Which is perfectly fine, we likely won’t be seeing a Snapdragon 732G-powered smartphone with 12GB of RAM inside.

There is also support for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4+. Unfortunately, that is not the newest form of Quick Charge, that can do over 100W and charge your phone in minutes. But it can do 27W over USB-C PD, which is still pretty respectable.


As mentioned, POCO is already preparing to launch a smartphone with this new chipset, which means that it has already been sampling with OEMs. POCO is expected to launch a new phone next week, which could very well be powered by the Snapdragon 732G. So it may only be a matter of a few weeks before we see the true power of this new chipset from Qualcomm.