The First Pixel Buds Feature Drop Just Made Them The Best Truly Wireless Earbuds

Google Pixel Buds 2 AM AH 4

Google released the first feature drop for the Pixel Buds today, and it brings three much requested features.

These features include Bass Boost, Attention Alerts and a new Transcribe Mode.

On top of that, the update does also bring some bug fixes to the buds.


The biggest bug that Google is fixing here is the cutout/disconnect issues that some early buyers had experienced. This new update should decrease the “instances of cut-outs during calls” and also have better “auto-recovery when one or both earbuds lose connection” according to Google.

New features for Pixel Buds

Onto the new features that are coming to the Pixel Buds.

Firstly, there is a new transcribe mode, which is designed to translate long speeches directly in your ears. This is great if you’re listening to a lecture or speech where the person is speaking in a language you don’t know.


It’s true, the Pixel Buds did always support a translation feature, but the new transcribe mode is more designed to be a one-way translation instead of conversations. It will support French, German, Italian and Spanish to English at first.

Google is also bringing in new Attention Alerts, which are designed to alert users of important events happening around them. So if a baby cries nearby or an emergency vehicle passes by with its siren on, the Pixel Buds will lower the volume temporarily so you can hear what’s going on around you.

Finally, the Pixel Buds are getting some more audio options. There is a new bass boost mode that is going to enhance the bass you hear from the Pixel Buds. This is a big deal, considering the fact that there wasn’t much bass in the Pixel Buds at launch. You’ll be able to adjust this within the Pixel Buds app.


When are these features coming to my Pixel Buds?

Google says that these features will start rolling out to the Pixel Buds today. Some users may not get it right away. As this is likely going to be a staged rollout like most updates are.

To get the update, simply open the Pixel Buds app. Then tap on “More Settings”. Then tap on “Firmware Update” and it’ll automatically check for an update for your Pixel Buds. Currently, mine are showing as up to date, so it does look like it’s not rolling out to everyone all at once. So definitely be patient, it’ll arrive soon.