The Pixel Buds Are Finally Available In More Colors, Other Than Boring White

Google Pixel Buds Hands On 1

The Google Pixel Buds are finally available at Best Buy and the Google Store in more colors. Instead of just the boring white color that it launched with.

Pixel Buds are available in Almost Black, Oh So Orange, and Quite Mint. That’s in addition to the Clearly White color that it launched in, a few months ago.

The price is still the same, coming in at $179.99, which puts them above the newly released Galaxy Buds Live from Samsung. But given all of the extra features included in the Pixel Buds, it’s worth the price.


What features do the Pixel Buds have?

The Pixel Buds are pretty feature-rich, and you’d expect that from Google. Seeing as they are a pretty good software company.

Of course, the Google Assistant is available on the Pixel Buds, so you can have your text messages read to you, you can tell the Assistant to switch songs and much more. It also has touch controls, so you can easily pause, move to the next track and adjust the volume, without touching your phone.

Google, today, introduced three new features to the Pixel Buds. Which include Attention Alerts, Transcribe mode and Bass Boost. Attention Alerts is probably the most important of the three, as it will lower your audio when there are events happening around you, like an emergency vehicle going by. That’s very useful, since the Pixel Buds do a great job of sealing off your ears.


The battery life is also pretty impressive here. Getting around four to five hours – depending on your usage – on a single charge. So it should get you through a solid workout or two.

Do they work with non-Pixel devices?

The Pixel Buds do indeed work on non-Pixel smartphones. These are simply Bluetooth, and all of the features are baked into Android. So you can use them with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra or the LG Velvet and have the same experience. Though the experience might be a bit different when it comes to the iPhone or a laptop (that’s not a Chromebook).

But as far as just listening to music goes, they will work on any device that uses Bluetooth. That includes laptops, desktops, tablets, really anything.


You can purchase the Google Pixel Buds from Best Buy in Clearly White, Almost Black, Oh So Orange, and Quite Mint by clicking here. The stock might run out, so you’ll want to be quick.

Pixel Buds - Best Buy - $179