The Pixel 5 Might Be Google's Biggest Phone Ever


Now that Pixel 4a is official attentions can turn to Google's next phone, thought to be the Pixel 5, which will apparently come with a high refresh rate display.

A new rumor from Ross Young on Twitter states that the display will be a pretty good size. Potentially Google's biggest phone ever from a display standpoint. Young also stated in a follow-up response to his original tweet that it would have a high refresh rate.

This would be out of the ordinary for Google with its phones. So far none of the Pixel phones have had displays with a refresh rate above standard for the market. But that could be changing with the Pixel 5.


The Pixel 5 display could have a 120Hz refresh rate

According to Young, the refresh rate for the display on the Pixel will be able to go as high as 120Hz.

This would match the refresh rate on Google's next phone with the likes of the ROG Phone II. As well as devices like the Razer Phone 2, and other devices like the OnePlus 8 Pro. If this is true, this also means that the Pixel 5 could be well-equipped to handle high-end games.

Better than the Pixel 4 and past devices in the Pixel series at least. Worth keeping in mind is that the rumor about the refresh rate is not officially from Google. And so far there's not much to know about the upcoming device's other specs.


Such as the mobile platform CPU/GPU combination and how much RAM the device will have. Though it has been rumored that Google would utilize the Snapdragon 765G here.

Should the Pixel 5 come with a 120Hz display and those other top-end pieces of hardware, it would also not necessarily be the best phone for gaming. If it does have powerful specs however, it should be able to hold its own. Even if it doesn't come with gaming-specific features.

The display will potentially be 6.67-inches in size, come from Samsung and BOE

Young also mentions the size of the display on the phone. Noting that it would be 6.67-inches in size.


Comparing that to the 6.3-inch display of the Pixel 4XL, it seems Google may be looking to go bigger with its next flagship Pixel phone. For more comparisons, that's also bigger than the size of the screen on the ROG Phone 3 and the ROG Phone II.

The former, ASUS' most recent phone, comes with a 6.59-inch display while the latter, features a slightly larger display of 6.6-inches. By all accounts, this would be the biggest display on any phone from Google.

It's also rumored that the display panels would come from both Samsung and BOE.