Help Save The Planet With The Pixel 4a Fabric Case

Pixel 4a Fabric Case 1

If you’re planning on getting a Pixel 4a now that it’s officially launching, consider getting the fabric case for it if you’re getting a case.

The cool thing about this case is that it will essentially help you save the planet. To a degree. Because Google designed the fabric case for the Pixel 4a with sustainability in mind. In an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ultimately ends up in landfills and elsewhere.

Google has achieved this with some of its other products too. Such as the Nest Mini. Which should make sense given the company’s commitment to being more sustainable in every aspect of its operations.


The Google Pixel 4a fabric case is made from over 70-percent recycled plastic

How does buying the case help you save the planet? It’s pretty simple.

Google designed the case to be made from recycled material. According to Google the fabric case for its newest phone is made from more than 70-percent recycled plastic. So buying this case over another one that doesn’t use recycled plastic means you’re helping with sustainability too.

Google’s efforts for sustainability are pretty well-known at this point. And it’s taken a ton of waste and transformed it into something that can be repurposed. For potentially years to come depending on how long you keep the phone and the case.


That’s an admirable effort to keeping the planet a little bit cleaner. And aside from helping with that when consumers purchase these cases over other options, the fabric cases also looks rather nice.

Two water bottles provide enough knitted fabric for five cases

You might not think that Google is able to produce much product with recycled materials.

But Google says that just two plastic water bottles provide them with enough of the knitted outer fabric it uses for the case, to make five cases in total.


The company has also changed the design pattern of the fabric case to promote longevity. The jacquard pattern being used on the new fabric case is designed in such a way that it more easily prevents visible signs of wear or daily use.

After you’ve had the case for a little while, it might start to look a little bit dirty. It is fabric after all and fabric can easily pick up stains. The good news is that it should be harder to see these signs of daily wear and use because of the new design pattern.

Google also made sure that the case is machine washable. So if you feel like the case needs a little bit of freshening up, toss it in the washer with a load of laundry and then let it air dry before putting it back on the phone. And it’s good as new.


The fabric case is available in three different colors. Basically Black, Static Gray, and Blue, and is available from the Google Store as of today.