OnePlus Scores Big With Exclusive 90fps PUBG Mobile Support

90FPS PUBG Mobile

Today marks another big day for OnePlus, having just announced that it supports 90fps in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is arguably the most popular shooter game on mobile devices. While hitting 90fps in a PUBG Mobile match isn't exactly necessary, it certainly helps, which is why OnePlus users may have a bit of an edge here.

As the saying goes, frames win games. Especially in a fast-paced third-person shooter like PUBG Mobile. Naturally, this doesn't mean you can't win if you don't play on a OnePlus device. But having those extra frames could certainly give you a boost.


PUBG Mobile at 90fps is a limited-time exclusive for OnePlus

OnePlus devices may have the exclusive now, but it won't be that way forever. PUBG Mobile is just getting started with 90fps in the game.

So eventually, all devices that have a 90Hz refresh rate display will get the ability to access this new setting. How long does the exclusivity last? A month. The higher frame rate for OnePlus devices is available from today.

It'll stay exclusive until September 6, when it finally opens up for other device brands. Which means if you have an ROG Phone II, ROG Phone 3, Razer Phone 2, or a number of other devices with a 90Hz display or above, you'll get access soon enough.

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This is the second game that OnePlus has had exclusive rights to for a 90fps setting. Following the introduction of 90fps in Fortnite for mobile that was added earlier this year. In terms of shooters, this makes two of the big three on Android that OnePlus has scored a higher fps for.

Call of Duty: Mobile is the third game, which still only supports 60fps. Time will tell if OnePlus is able to get some exclusivity there too.

You'll need at least a OnePlus 7 Pro

90fps won't be supported on all OnePlus devices. Since you need a device with a 90Hz screen, you will need at least a OnePlus 7 Pro.


OnePlus 7T series and OnePlus 8 series devices also come with 90Hz displays. So if you have a phone which falls under any of these categories, you're set. There are however three countries where this isn't supported in the game. Those include mainland China, Japan, and Korea.

Everywhere else however does have the new 90fps feature. Since the feature is now live, you shouldn't have to do anything other than launch the game. You may have to apply an update to it in the Play Store if one is available.