OnePlus Phones To Come Pre-Installed With Facebook Bloatware

OnePlus 8 Pro 1 AM AH 2

Term bloatware and Android almost go hand in hand. Especially if your phone's origin is from China, there is a good chance of bloatware in your Android phone. However, this myth was broken by OnePlus. Though OnePlus is a Chinese OEM, bloatware is minimum in OnePlus phones. Matter of fact, OxygenOS which comes pre-installed on OnePlus devices, is the best custom UI from any OEM, which provides stock Android experience. However, things are going to change now. Because as per a recent report by 9to5google, OnePlus phones will now come pre-installed with Facebook bloatware.

Notably, the OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8 series phones already come with Facebook services. Well, the worst part is that the bloatware cannot be uninstalled. Meaning that you can either disable it or you can overlook them as if they do not exist on your phone.

This is not what anyone would have expected from a brand like OnePlus, which provides close to the stock-Android experience. However, reports suggest otherwise.


The recent releases of the year from OnePlus, the Nord, OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro already come with Facebook bloatware. This issue was raised by Max Weinbach of XDA, where he tweeted some screenshots of the Instagram app updating via the Facebook App Manager service. Usually, the Instagram app updates via the Google Play Store.

Besides, several other OnePlus users also took to Reddit, to share their frustrations on this issue. Apparently, the company's three latest devices, i.e. OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and Nord suffer from this bloatware situation.

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram app can be uninstalled but not the background services

Well, OnePlus has confirmed to Android Police, that future devices will include Facebook App Installer, Facebook Services, and Facebook App Manager as system apps. Besides, they already come pre-installed with the Facebook app, Messenger, and Instagram are present along with Netflix. Users are free to uninstall these apps, but they cannot part ways with the underlying services.

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Moreover, this information was already shared by OnePlus in one of its ideas campaign posts. OnePlus adds that these apps are tweaked to provide better battery efficiency on Facebook.

And provide great viewing experience by enhancing the HDR playback on Netflix. Frankly, the apps are designed the best on their own, and these are just some fancy terms OnePlus is using to reason with this issue.

Furthermore, these background services are found to be eating data in the background. Though the data consumed is less, but there is no clarity on what sort of data is shared with Facebook.


OnePlus is a company known to listen to its users. And it is high time that OnePlus revert to its original state of giving control to the users. Because users are not happy with this decision, and their frustrations are also legit.