OnePlus Planning To Release An Entry-Level Smartphone


OnePlus is apparently planning to release an entry-level smartphone as well. The mid-range OnePlus Nord arrived not long ago, and now we have some proof that an entry-level OnePlus smartphone is on the way as well.

Some code snippets have been discovered and shared by @_the_tech_guy on Twitter, and they prove a Snapdragon 460-fueled OnePlus handset is coming.

He did not share anything else, other than that, but it’s some proof OnePlus is working on an entry-level device. Based on this, however, we can come to a conclusion or two.


OnePlus is seemingly planning to release an entry-level smartphone with the Snapdragon 460 SoC

The Snapdragon 460 is Qualcomm’s entry-level processor, and is not meant to be included in 5G phones. Therefore, this device will ship with 4G LTE support only. That is not exactly a problem in 2020, at all.

We’re guessing that it will be sold in developing countries. There are several reasons for that, first, it doesn’t have 5G. 5G-enabled smartphones are usually aimed at most markets these days. Developing countries are an exception.

The second reason is the sheer fact it’s an entry-level phone. Such devices do much better in developing countries, in terms of sales, of course.


Now, considering that this is an entry-level phone, we’re expecting a really low price tag here. This phone will be considerably more affordable than the OnePlus Nord, for example.

This phone will be really affordable

The phone may cost less than $250, in fact. That is quite likely if it ends up including the Snapdragon 460 SoC. We don’t have any information on the rest of its specs at the moment. The same goes for the design as well.

Do note that the code snippets did surface, but that doesn’t mean OnePlus will actually go through with it. It’s possible the company was thinking about it, and developed the phone, but nothing guarantees that the company will release it.


If it does, it will have phones to compete in all segments, pretty much. The OnePlus Nord covers the upper-mid-range sector, while the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro cover the flagship sector, including the very premium one.

The Snapdragon 600-series OnePlus handset is also rumored to arrive in the coming months. That device(s) will cover the regular mid-range segment of the market. OnePlus is not joking around.

There’s no telling when will this Snapdragon 460-based smartphone arrive, but if it ends up launching, it will probably arrive before the OnePlus 8T series.