Old Google Voice Website Will Shut Down In August

google voice old website shutting down

Google Voice will shutdown its old website from August 11. The website, located in “google.com/voice” when accessed, shows a message “This page doesn’t exist in Google Chat Help. It may be deleted because the feature doesn’t exist anymore, or the URL may be incorrect.

This piece of information was shared by Google in their support forum. Moreover, as per the forum post, after August 11, ” the Legacy Inbox function will be removed, and the feature to add notes to call logs will be removed. The Settings section will remain as-is for now.”

In the article, Google said that certain settings of the old website will be ported over to the new Google Voice website. However, it did not share any details as to when and which settings of the old website will be shifted over to the new website. ” The underlying approach is to not break features or functions for the large majority of users. Google is exploring how and when to migrate remaining features and settings to the new apps and/or to the new web UI,” the post reads.


Existing notes on Google Voice old website can be exported with the help of Google Takeout

Google voice is the telephone service by the Mountain View giant. Google Voice gives the user with a phone number. Using which users can use features like call forwarding and voicemail services, voice and text messaging, etc.

Users can forward transcribed and audio voicemails, missed call notifications, and/or text messages to an email ID of their choice. FYI, back in 2019, this service was very popular and amassed around 1.4 million users approximately. After shutting down the old website, Google Voice will be shifted over to “voice.google.com.”

Notably, Google has clarified that existing call notes will not be deleted. Matter of fact, users can export call notes by using Google Takeouts. “For the small number of users still keeping call notes, your existing notes will not be deleted, and you can export it via Google Takeout if you wish,” the article reads.


Back in 2017, Google gave some much-needed attention to Google Voice. Both the app and the website was given a refreshed look. Apparently, regular updates were also part of the big plan Google proposed during the overhaul.

Matter of fact, users who have not yet visited the new website, can get click here to get accustomed to it. We will share with you more details, as they come across our table.