NVIDIA SHIELD TV Upgraded To 8.2 With 4K AI Upscaler Improvements


The NVIDIA SHIELD TV is getting its latest upgrade today with notable new features like improvements to the AI upscaler and more.

The AI upscaler feature for the SHIELD TV already supported 4K for 30fps. But today it's getting a little bump. And it won't be just for streaming media like TV and movies. No, NVIDIA is expanding this to games, too.

So rejoice gamers, because this upgraded version of the software eventually applies to your units as well (though, with one caveat). NVIDIA says the 8.2 upgrade should already be hitting devices. If your unit hasn't received the update notification yet, it might be worth checking manually to see if you can pull it down from the servers.


NVIDIA SHIELD TV 4K AI upscaler now supports 60 fps and more

One of the biggest improvements in today's update is with the 4K AI upscaler.

Prior to the update today, it only supported 4K on HD content. It also only supported 30fps. Not anymore though. NVIDIA is bumping up the support to 60 fps and on more than just HD media. As it supports a number of resolutions as low as 360p all the way up to 1440p.

In regards to the gamers, the improvements to the upscaler are included for games via GeForce NOW. Which now supports Chromebooks by the way. This will be a big boost to how GeForce NOW looks and feels.


Especially if you play via hardware that can really take advantage of these better visuals. Because GeForce NOW will soon finally support 4K visuals at 60 frames per second via upscaling. The one caveat is that this in particular isn't part of today's upgrade.

GeForce NOW upscaling will be included in a software update next month

The GeForce NOW support for the AI upscaling is part of an update that is designed just for cloud gaming. And that update actually comes out next month.

As of right now, NVIDIA hasn't unveiled the exact timing of the update. It's just known to be hitting sometime in September.


Moving back to the SHIELD TV for media, today's update also brings two new customization options for the remote. Namely the long press and double press actions. Lastly there are a few more improvements being added in this update.

SHIELD TV now supports frame rate matching, native SMBv3, IR, and CEC volume control. This update should be hitting all versions of the NVIDIA SHIELD TV.