Now Use QR Code Feature To Scan And Follow Someone On Instagram


Instagram has added a new feature to its mobile app that lets users scan someone’s QR code to follow them on Instagram. The users can now scan the QR code on Instagram using any supported camera application.

Notably, as per The Verge, this feature was first introduced for Instagram users in Japan last year. But now, it is finally making its way to all the users across the globe.

Basically, Instagram wants to make accessing someone’s profile more convenient. With the help of this feature, you do not require to open the Instagram app to search for any profile.


You simply can scan the QR code of the other person and the profile will show up on your device’s screen. This feature could be beneficial for a business to let customers scan their QR code and access their business profile on Instagram.

Other social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Spotify

Multiple social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Spotify, have already implemented the use of QR codes on their platforms to provide convenience to its users.

Moreover, this inclusion of QR code comes right after Facebook merged Facebook Messenger with Instagram Direct Messages.


For the unaware, we have reported earlier that with a new update, Facebook has combined both the platforms which could be a step in the process of streamlining all its apps.

Well, users still cannot interact or message their Facebook friends directly from Instagram, but we expect this feature to soon make its way to the app.

This also gives us a sign that Facebook wants to unify all its messaging platforms so that people could start a conversation without the need of installing the other app. Besides, this would create a massive user base with cross-application support.


QR code is simple and easy to use on Instagram

To use this new QR code feature, users need to head over to their app and tap on the Setting menu. Here users can find a QR code related to their profile.

You can either share or save this image and show to people who would like to follow you on Instagram. The other users can later scan this image or QR code to follow you on Instagram.

Earlier Instagram also deployed a feature called Instagram Nametags. Though it also had the same functionality as QR codes, it could only be scanned using the Instagram camera.


The introduction of the QR code will also negate the need for opening the Instagram app, which was the case with the earlier Nametag feature.