Nokia Shifts Focus To Aggressive 5G Expansion Via US Partners

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Nokia maker HMD Global has a new goal to make 5G more accessible worldwide, starting with the US. That’s based on details reportedly provided by the company during a Series A2 funding round. The goal, according to the company, is to emphasize forming strong partnerships with US carriers. And to utilize funds gained during the $230 million round to accomplish that.

Of course, the company isn’t necessarily looking to flagships or upper-tier mid-rangers either. HMD seems to be focusing on a similar ‘aggressive expansion’ as was seen in the first series of funding. At least in terms of Nokia smartphones on offer. Now, HMD’s Nokia brand appears set to do the same but explicitly for 5G support in the US.

Aside from US 5G, what are Nokia’s other goals from this round of funding?

Now, the funding itself has not been detailed to a great extent. More succinctly, the funds have been injected by ‘top global’ partners that haven’t been specified. But that’s not altogether surprising since ambitions for the Nokia brand’s 5G offerings outside of the US.


Aside from forming firm partnerships to deliver more ‘accessible’ smartphones for US 5G providers, the company has big plans globally. First and foremost, it plans to work with the above-mentioned partners to move away from physical-first offerings. HMD indicated that the move is largely motivated by the ongoing global health situation.

So it’s likely to be talking about offerings that are sold digitally rather than in person as a primary delivery mechanism.

HMD also wants to focus more efforts on ‘key growth markets’. Its list of regions includes Brazil, Africa, and India, hinting at a goal to make 5G a readily-available standard for end-users worldwide. Including in still-developing regions.


So what devices can we expect from Nokia?

Since a key focal point for HMD’s Nokia is accessibility, it’s arguable that the devices it’s discussing aren’t its flagships. So it likely isn’t talking about the upcoming Nokia 9.3 PureView. Or even its upper-level mid-range offerings such as the Nokia 8.3 5G. Instead, HMD probably hopes to start with devices in its 7-series range.

Both Samsung and LG have already broached the market for 5G in the mid-range tier. So the company could choose to start even more aggressively with more budget-friendly devices. That could potentially include even more affordable devices such as the upcoming Nokia 2.4.