New Verizon Unlimited Plans Come With Disney+, ESPN+ & Hulu Included

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Verizon has just debuted new Unlimited Plans, which provide a new Disney Bundle. That’s going to get you Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu included.

With the Play More Unlimited and Get More Unlimited, you’ll get the Disney Bundle included – forever, basically. With Start Unlimited and Do More Unlimited, you will get Disney+ free for six months. Apple Music is free for six months on all three, except Get More Unlimited which includes it forever.

Which plan is the best value?

Verizon has four different unlimited plans (plus another one for kids). And they start at $35 per month for a family of four and go up to $55 per month. But which plan is the best value?


For most people, it’ll be the Play More Unlimited plan, which is $45 per month. This offers up unlimited talk, text and data. With 15GB of 4G LTE hotspot data (unlimited after that). It does also come with Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu included, and Apple Music for six months.

It’s very similar to the Do More Unlimited plan which is also $45 per month. But with Do More Unlimited, you are getting Disney+ and Apple Music for six months. And you get 50% off Unlimited connected device plans and 600GB of Verizon cloud storage. So if you are one that uses Verizon’s cloud storage a lot, then that is the better option.

With the Just Kids plan, kids are able to have unlimited data to watch, play and learn without having to worry about how much data is used. Kids get freedom, but parents can still track what they are doing on their phone. There are parental controls available as well as location tracking. So you can keep track of where your kids are. Speeds are reduced here to 5Mbps max and you still get unlimited talk/text to 20 approved contacts. And this one is $35/month.


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When will these plans be available?

Starting on August 20, Verizon customers and potential customers will be able to sign up for these new unlimited plans. While these are not price increases, there are some changes here. So you will want to weigh the differences between your current plan and these new ones before making the switch. But for the most part, they are the same, just adding more perks for users.

Verizon also has discounts available for military, nurses, teachers, first responders and students.


You can check out Verizon’s current plans by clicking here.