New OnePlus Weather App Launches Globally Before Android 11

OnePlus Weather Redesign Mockup AH db aug28 2020

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve first laid eyes on the OxygenOS 11 redesign of the OnePlus Weather app. And while we’re still waiting for this Android 11 implementation to hit the stable channel, OnePlus Weather – isn’t.

Namely, the Chinese manufacturer started rolling out its reimagined weather app globally, ahead of the next major OxygenOS release. With that said, this new and improved OnePlus Weather build has so far only made its way to beta testers. And yes, it even works on older OxygenOS (or HydrogenOS, in China) builds based on Android 10.

So, regardless of whether you’re running the OxygenOS 11 beta, the overhauled OnePlus Weather app accompanying it is now within reach. Anyone feeling intrigued can enroll into the OnePlus Weather beta program directly from the app’s official Play Store page.


Simply scroll to the button of the listing and tap the green beta enrollment button. Give it a few moments and your device should start downloading the latest OnePlus Weather beta build.

OnePlus Weather August 28 Beta 2020 XDA Collage db
They grow up so fast.

Android 11 jump did wonders for OnePlus Weather’s production qualities

The first novelty many will notice upon upgrading is a massive facelift of the app’s interface. Most notably, its flat 2D forecast illustrations made way for a wide range of stylish weather graphics.

Refer to the screenshots featured above to get a better idea of just how much new eye candy you can expect. Unfortunately, diehard aficionados of Material Design and similar aesthetics won’t be able to revert to the old visuals.


Moving on, the redesign also encompassed the city selection menu which now boasts a more voluminous appearance. In other words, OnePlus traded the old card-heavy interface for a fuller arrangement of elements.

The new look will do a significantly better job of maximizing the screen real estate of your device. It undoubtedly loses some cuteness points in the process, but such is the life of highly refined user experiences.

Frankly, of all demographics out there, OnePlus owners have traditionally been among the biggest proponents of this form-over-function design philosophy.


Other OxygenOS 11 changes to OnePlus Weather include streamlined forecast tabs, humidity information, perceived temperature reports, and magnified typefaces. Overall, this is by far the largest overhaul of OnePlus Weather since its Play Store debut over three years ago.

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