Fitbit Intros Three New Trackers Packed With Advanced Health Tech

Fitbit Sense

Fitbit has officially outed its latest devices, three new trackers that are packed with advanced health tech.

This includes the Sense, the Versa 3, and the Inspire 2. The Sense is Fitbit's most ambitious device of the three, sporting some new features that are aimed at promoting a more stress-free environment for the user.

It's also the most expensive of the three. So those looking for a somewhat cheaper option might opt for the Versa 3. It's still a smartwatch so it can do a lot of the same stuff, but with a lower cost at the expense of a couple features. Finally there's the Inspire 2, which is a more basic option for anyone who doesn't need all the bells and whistles.


The Fitbit Sense comes with advanced health tech to help you manage stress

Fitbit has generally been ahead of the game when it comes to fitness tech and features. And the Sense is the newest realization of that.

One of its headlining features is the new stress management system. The backbone of this new system is the EDA Scan app baked into the watch. It measures electrodermal activity, which can help in alerting you to your body's response to stress.

This in turn can help you adjust what you're doing if your stress level is high. The Sense also has the capability to check for signs of atrial fibrillation (which can cause poor blood flow and other complications), using the onboard ECG app.


If that wasn't enough it also checks your skin's temperature trends over time. These are just some of the more advanced features too. The Sense also carries many of the more popular features that have been present on past trackers. Such as 24/7 heart rate tracking, a nearly week-long battery life, sleep stages and more.

Oh, and there's finally built-in GPS. Meaning you can track your routes without your phone on you. You will however need the Fitbit app on your phone to view the map. The Sense launches this Fall for $329 at Fitbit's website and has a range of accessories coming along with it that start at $30.

It can also be pre-ordered on Amazon.


Built-in GPS comes to the Versa 3 as well

If you're opting for the Versa 3, you won't miss out on the built-in GPS.

As a follow-up to the popular Versa 2, it comes with all the same features in addition to some new ones like fast charging, and Google Assistant in addition to Alexa support. So this should be a pretty good improvement over the previous model.

You can answer calls from your wrist and it comes with the Active Zone Minutes that debuted on the Charge 4 that launched earlier this year. Plus you can control your Spotify playlists and download music right onto the watch.


The Versa 3 will retail for $229 and will launch in the Fall as well. It will also have accessories starting from $30.

More basic health insights for under $100

The Inspire 2 builds on the quality and popularity of the Inspire by adding in things like Active Zone Minutes.

It also features guided breathing sessions, menstrual health tracking, movement reminders, sleep stages, a 10+-day battery life and more. All for under $100 as it will retail for $99.95.


The Fitbit Inspire 2 will come with straps in three colors which are Black, Lunar White, and Desert Rose. There will be additional accessory options available too that start at $20.