Music-Related Google Searches Begin Directing You To YouTube Music


A Reddit thread has demonstrated that google searches for albums, artists and songs have begun directing towards YouTube music. As reported by Android Police, YouTube Music has joined Deezer, Spotify, and even YouTube video as sites than can display in the listen box.

This all comes after a confusing and drawn-out transition from Google Play to YouTube music. Originally the high demand for transfers from Google Play to YouTube delayed the process. Some individuals reported extremely high lengths of time to transfer their library across.

Then migrated YouTube music users found issues with a broken sidebar. It seems that the whole process has now come to an end and is working smoothly. This allows Google to integrate YouTube music into its searches much more easily.


YouTube Music appearing in Google searches for the first time

Many felt that searches were the last missing link in the integration of YouTube music. Album and artist queries have been supported for the couple of months or so. Therefore, it is good to see this migration and integration finally come to an end after all the issues.

An important part of all of this is the discontinuation of Google Play searches. Now the integration looks to be complete you can no longer access Google Play suggestions through a search. Before now this option existed alongside YouTube music but now that looks to have gone.

Still much to do to achieve full integration

It is worth noting that although on the face of it the integration of YouTube music is done there is still much to do. There will still be lots of small details that could have been overlooked. Things like these Google searches is an example of small things that need doing.


Given that Google Play Music will officially retire and discontinue in September the company needs to leave no stone unturned over the coming weeks.

Many still believe we are far from achieving a fully integrated system in every function and interface. Perhaps some of the delays encountered in the transferring process could have harmed this work. However, it is good to see Google working hard to ensure as much is covered as possible.

Whether the whole system will be ready and fully integrated by September remains to be seen. However, it looks like we are heading in the right direction and most of the hard works is completing or being done currently.